The Bamboo Bulletin #1 - Say goodbye to plastics.

The Bamboo Bulletin #1 - Say goodbye to plastics.

April 03, 2019

Hi there! 

Our members love the planet, and that’s why we love our members! To help them and everybody else live a more sustainable life, here are some tips to live more sustainable.

The first episode is about plastic, how could we start with anything else?!

You’ll see that making a few small adjustments in your daily routines can have quite the effect on the long run. We are optimistic and believe in the endless ability of humans to adapt to new circumstances. Also, we see the urgency of the situation sinking in with people all around the world.

We got this, folks! Let’s keep our playground clean!


Founder / wipe-out artist extraordinaire

1) Say no to plastic!


An obvious one for us, as plastic is the reason we started our quest. It’s clear that we have to stop using plastic unless it’s absolutely necessary. The trick is doing some planning.

1. Plastic bag
Put a reusable shopping bag in your jacket / car / bike bag / backpack.

2. Cups
Do the same with your own coffee mug, food container, and cutlery (coming soon from TBBS). Single use plastic water bottles really are the new smoking: not cool and indirectly harmful to the people and nature around you!

More and more cafes and restaurants even offer a small discount when you bring your own container or coffee mug. Also, the number of ‘Zero Waste Stores’ is growing fast.

Coffee mugs are also great toothbrush holders when travelling.

3. Straws

About 500 million of ‘m, per day, in the USA only. That’s 1.6 a day per average American. Are you a sucker for straws? Try to drink your Bacardi and Coke or G&T from the glass, it even tastes better! If you’re really hooked, you might want to switch to reusable bamboo, Stainless steel, glass straws or these wheat straws from our friends Straw by Straw.

4. Packaging

Lot’s of food products in the supermarket come in ridiculous plastic packaging. Most of these items can also be bought at markets or at a supermarket that lets you bring your own containers. Usually these alternatives taste a lot better!

5. Fruit juices

We all love a healthy dose of fruit juice, but all too often these juices come in a plastic container. Why not make juice yourself? It’s easy, fresh, and you can put it in a glass.

6. Chewing Gum

Did you know almost all chewing gum is made from plastic? That’s right. When you’re chewing gum, you’re chewing on plastic.

7. Razors

Use a razor with replaceable blades instead of a disposable razor.

8. Lighters

Plastic lighters are made from heavy plastic and can travel around the world for years and years. Go back to matches or buy an oldschool lighter that you can pass on to the next generation.

9. Plastic wraps 

Beeswrap; a great alternative for the plastic wrap.
Who doesn't love homemade, unprocessed food? So why cover it in a plastic wrap?! Especially when you know the chemicals from the plastic can end up in your food. Using glass storage containers is the way to go here. Or check out Bee's Wrap sustainable food storage.

10. Clothing

So many new products are made from synthetic materials: polyester, acrylic, lycra, spandex, nylon. In other words, plastic. Please check before you buy; there are so many cool brands that care about the stuff they use. And maybe you can buy a little less as well.


Cotton Buds 

Are you using plastic cotton buds? Then why not switch to bamboo? Our cotton buds are 100% biodegradable made from sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. Get them here.

It's estimated that billions of plastic toothbrushes end up in our oceans and landfills. It's time to make the switch. Check our Kids and Adult brushes.


Plastic cutlery is in the top of single use plastic items and thats why we have something brand new Bamboo Cutlery!! Sustainable and plastic free, perfect for travelling, and safe for your kids. Order your set here.

It takes maybe 20 minutes to buy these items and make this change, and you’ll literally save an ocean of single use plastics! If you have any questions just get in touch with us.

PS.If you’re a restaurant or café owner, you have the opportunity to make an even bigger difference. Because if you make the change, you make that change for all your customers. Check out some great sustainable packaging here.


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