The Bamboo Bulletin #2 - Don't Waste Food, Please!

The Bamboo Bulletin #2 - Don't Waste Food, Please!

November 26, 2019

Hi there!

Our members love the planet, and that’s why we love our members! To help them and everybody else live a more sustainable life, here are some tips to finish 2019 with a big green bang!

The second episode is about eliminating food waste!

You’ll see that making a few small adjustments in your daily routines can have quite the effect on the long run. We are optimistic and believe in the endless ability of humans to adapt to new circumstances. Also, we see the urgency of the situation sinking in with people all around the world.

Imagine the world is a birthday party with 10 people. Then we are stuffing our face with cake and throwing one third of that cake in the bin, while 4-5 people remain hungry and 1 or 2 might die, which strangely enough doesn’t seem to be ruining the rest of the party. Yes, we’re sorry, we never said this read would be only fun, but it gets lighter, we promise…

Try to be conscious about what and where you buy and eat. Ignore ‘eat by’, ‘sell by’, and expiration dates. Smell and inspect your food. We humans are perfectly equipped to detect food that has gone bad.

Unless you’re reading this on the African savannah or in a European wildlife park and have a fur coat, tail, sharp claws, and large incisors, you really don’t need to eat meat all the time*. If you find a few easy ways to prepare vegetarian dishes with the right nutritional value, skipping meat a few times a week might not be as hard as you think.

We got this, folks! Let’s keep our playground clean! 

Bonus tip: whenever you’ve cooked too much and your freezer is full, try offering a meal to a lonely neighbour or a homeless person. You won’t waste the food, you’ll feed a person, and you’ll probably make a friend!


*Argentinians are excused for religious reasons for now (meat is to an Argentinian what weed is to a Rastafari), but they’ll have to make the change asap.

Photo by Sylvie Tittel

Photo by Maria Teneva 

Cover Photo by Mica Veras Dos Santos 

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