The Bamboo Bulletin #2 - Don't Waste Food, Please!

The Bamboo Bulletin #2 - Don't Waste Food, Please!

November 26, 2019 7 Comments

Hi there!

Our members love the planet, and that’s why we love our members! To help them and everybody else live a more sustainable life, here are some tips to finish 2019 with a big green bang!

The second episode is about eliminating food waste!

You’ll see that making a few small adjustments in your daily routines can have quite the effect on the long run. We are optimistic and believe in the endless ability of humans to adapt to new circumstances. Also, we see the urgency of the situation sinking in with people all around the world.

Imagine the world is a birthday party with 10 people. Then we are stuffing our face with cake and throwing one third of that cake in the bin, while 4-5 people remain hungry and 1 or 2 might die, which strangely enough doesn’t seem to be ruining the rest of the party. Yes, we’re sorry, we never said this read would be only fun, but it gets lighter, we promise…

Try to be conscious about what and where you buy and eat. Ignore ‘eat by’, ‘sell by’, and expiration dates. Smell and inspect your food. We humans are perfectly equipped to detect food that has gone bad.

Unless you’re reading this on the African savannah or in a European wildlife park and have a fur coat, tail, sharp claws, and large incisors, you really don’t need to eat meat all the time*. If you find a few easy ways to prepare vegetarian dishes with the right nutritional value, skipping meat a few times a week might not be as hard as you think.

We got this, folks! Let’s keep our playground clean! 

Bonus tip: whenever you’ve cooked too much and your freezer is full, try offering a meal to a lonely neighbour or a homeless person. You won’t waste the food, you’ll feed a person, and you’ll probably make a friend!


*Argentinians are excused for religious reasons for now (meat is to an Argentinian what weed is to a Rastafari), but they’ll have to make the change asap.

Photo by Sylvie Tittel

Photo by Maria Teneva 

Cover Photo by Mica Veras Dos Santos 

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December 19, 2019

The three female leaders in the middle of Europe

key points:May’s first visit after being appointed PM was to Edinburgh to meet with SturgeonSturgeon and virtually all Scots oppose Brexit and have seized the chance to revive the independence cause Berlin bureaucrats are now starting to see advantages to Britain leaving the EU

Later in modern times, The British PM will meet the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, In Berlin for talks on the future of Europe in the wake of last month’s vote in britain to exit the European Union (european).

Ms May’s initial visit out of london after being appointed PM was to Edinburgh last week, To sound out Ms Sturgeon involving Brexit, Which both the First Minister and a large number of Scots oppose.

The new British leader has declared her aim to make Brexit a success but she will need spanish beauty both the German and Scottish leaders to succeed.

come across, in fact, resemblances between Ms Merkel and the new Conservative Party leader.

Both came to power at times of political upheaval Ms Merkel a direct consequence of a donations scandal that engulfed her conservative Christian Democrats and Ms May in the wake of the shock vote to leave the EU.

Both Ms Merkel and Ms May are also children of protestant pastors, Around 60 years old and enjoy hiking, In what little free time professions.

The two might be underwhelming public sound, But they have a track record of being tireless negotiators and cautious decision makers.

But despite the scope for Ms May and Ms Merkel to find mutual understanding in their talks, The Chancellor is likely to again tell the British leader that there cannot be any talks on Brexit until she invokes article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to put in place the process to leave the EU.

Ms May wants to hold off until next year before pulling that trigger.

Britain ‘consistently blocked just about everything when it came to Europe’But the other major message that Ms May might pick up during her visit to Berlin is just how the political mood has changed in Germany since the British referendum.

Berlin bureaucrats are pumped up about driving plans for a deeper EU without having to battle it out with London, really undermining Britain’s bargaining position.

German Defence Minister Ursula Von der Leyen believes a Brexit could give fresh momentum to a more automated EU defence and security policy, stating that Britain "unfailingly consistent blocked everything when it came to Europe,

but the truth is, A key reason Ms May is reluctant to move quickly to end Britain’s more than 40 years of EU membership is that she first needs to ensure it will not prompt the breakup of england.

That is where Ms Sturgeon ’s very important.

The Scottish leader and her nationalist party have seized on Brexit as a chance to revive the Scottish independence cause by raising the prospect of a new referendum on breaking from the UK to keep Scotland in the EU.

next to 46, Ms beautiful girl in spanish Sturgeon is going 15 years younger than Ms Merkel and Ms May.

She is a former lawyer and has been arguing the case for Scottish independence since she was a teenager.

without hesitation, She could have the backing of a majority of the Scottish population with support for independence in great britain rising to 60 per cent since the Brexit vote, based on a new opinion poll.

Ms Sturgeon boasts the backing of her parliament to do what she can to keep Scotland in the EU, After 62 per cent of Scots voted to settle in last month’s Brexit referendum.

but for Ms May, Scotland represents only the first step in what is shaping up to be a political and legal minefield that even a negotiator like the British PM will find potentially shifty.

major voters in Northern Ireland backed RemainDealing with Scotland comes before Ms May navigates the role of the British parliament in signing off on Brexit, As well as matter for Ireland’s Good Friday agreement.

A key part of the 1998 deal that brought an end to 30 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland was the corporation of an open border between Belfast and the Irish Republic.

According to Irish prime minister Enda Kenny, The agreement also includes a provision for a potential referendum on a united Ireland.

A solid majority in northern Ireland, 56 percent, Backed residing in the EU in last month’s referendum.

Whatever the proponents of a Brexit say, it is likely the issue will come before the British people again with Ms May’s negotiated deal to leave the EU to be voted on either in a referendum or at a general election.

aside from that, Her Chancellor coming from Exchequer, Philip Hammond, Has said it could take six years to finalise Brexit and, at that time, Britain could be facing a totally different set of political and economic circumstances than it is today.


December 14, 2019

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December 08, 2019

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December 03, 2019

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December 01, 2019

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