Portuguese Lifestyle photographer Mica Veras Dos Santos

Portuguese Lifestyle photographer Mica Veras Dos Santos

April 07, 2019

Hi Mica! For those who don’t know you, what should we know about you?

I’m Micael Veras dos Santos, but everyone calls me “Mica”, since forever. When people ask me where in Portugal I’m from, I always say that I’m from all over the place. I was born and raised on the beaches of the South, my dad is from the North, and my dear mum comes from the middle of the country.

At age 17, I moved there as well to start university. Later, I moved to Lisbon where I lived and worked for 2 years before finally moving to Brussels where I´m based for the moment. I work in finance and I have a deep passion for photography.


When did you join The Bamboo Brush Society?

I heard about you guys while I was busy with one of the Millennials’ favorite hobbies: Scrolling! When I came across the brand on instagram, I thought to myself: bye bye old (plastic. red) toothbrushes!

And how’s the brushing going?

The toothbrush is just perfect! It’s light and looks good. The minimalism and simple design don’t compromise the efficiency. In my opinion it’s is as good as any other toothbrush in the market, and it’s definitely more sustainable.


What has been your favorite brushing spot so far?

Indonesia stole my heart. Brushing my teeth on a open air toilet on Flores Island, while looking at the bluest of seas, left me with a feeling that is hard to describe.

Which 4 heroes would you pick to help you save the planet if you would be in charge?

Greta Thunberg, because she represents the motivation of generations to come that’s needed to get our planet in the right track. Al Gore, because he probably was the one who introduced the concerns of climate change to my generation. And I’d choose Roger to take care of the most precious elements that we have in our beloved planet: the oceans.

Last but not least my mum, because saving the world takes energy and she makes the best comfort food.


Tell us your favourite travel story?

In Sri Lanka, my tuk tuk driver drove 7 hours through a rainstorm, to pick up the charger of my camera. He told me that he felt it was something important to me, so he decided to help me without asking anything in return.

Any books, documentaries, films or series you lately watched and like to recommend?

Under an Arctic Sky!

Which pic on your phone will make us laugh?

Great pic Mica, we’ll tell the team in the laboratory to start working on an oversized bamboo duckie! ;-) ☝

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