Marieke Eyskoot, the Dutch Don Quichote of sustainability

Marieke Eyskoot, the Dutch Don Quichote of sustainability

October 09, 2017

Marieke Eyskoot , © Melody Lieftink

When it comes to knowledge about a sustainable lifestyle, the name Marieke Eyskoot keeps popping up. Her latest book “Dit is een goede gids – voor een duurzame lifestyle” is filled with practical and positive tips on fashion, beauty, food, living, working and leisure, and shows that stylish and sustainable go very well together.. Somehow she knew about our little brand (and included us in the book!), and we are extremely happy she took some time for a chat.

For those who don’t know you yet, who is Marieke Eyskoot?

 “I’m a sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert, speaker and presenter, author and consultant. I recently presented my latest book “Dit is een goede gids”, a modern handbook, to make green living fun and doable, with the right addresses, beautiful labels, great places, surprising facts and handy solutions. I’m a key-note speaker at events, and I host and present meetings. Also, I’m a sustainable consultant for brands, stores and companies. I help starting labels, innovative shops as well as established brands become more future-proof, effective, clever and responsible.”


We think your book is the ultimate guide for everyone who wants to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Are you planning to publish an English version?

 "Thanks so much! And yes – I would absolutely love to be able to publish an international edition. That would be a dream come true. We are actively looking into the possibilities; keep an eye on my social media channels, some news might pop up there before very long...



When did you hear about The Bamboo Brush Society?

“It’s been a while, I’ve used one for quite some months now and I love it! That’s why I decided to include it in my book. My first time probably was at one of the sustainable lifestyle stores in Amsterdam.”


We always ask people who regularly circle the globe on which exotic spot they most enjoyed brushing?

“That must have been in Australia, during our honeymoon. We made an amazing trip by train from Sydney, all the way to Cairns in the north. My favorite brushing location probably was the rainforest around Cairns.”


Marieke Eyskoot , © Melody Lieftink 

Imagine you are in charge of taking care of our beloved planet, starting tomorrow. Which four persons would you want by your side to help?

“Wow, that’s a tricky question, how do you ever narrow it down to four? There are so many people doing amazing work… In my book I got to showcase a lot of heroes, I wish I could pick all of them. I very much admire Livia Firth, wife of actor Colin Firth. She creates a lot of impact on high-end fashion and is not scared to speak her mind. As she regularly has to appear on red carpets, she decided she only wanted to do that in sustainable fashion. Her Green Carpet Challenge challenges designers to create ethical suits and gowns, and famous stars to wear them. Meryl Streep even took part – this really changes the way people see green fashion. It would be such an honour to interview her for the international edition of my book. Also from the Hollywood-world is good friend and icon Thekla Reuten. She is smart, kind and very real. As successful actor you get offered various products, deals and advertisements, but she only works with brands she believes in. I very much admire her tenacity and conviction, it’s because of people like her that we will in the end actually succeed in changing the world. They are in my book as my heroes, along with for instance fashion designer and rebel Katharine Hamnett (she was one of the first to really work with organic cotton, and is now fighting Brexit through fashion) and actress and equal rights activist Emma Watson (who actively supports fair fashion and is the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador). Could they not both be on the team part-time? Because needless to say I also would want Barack Obama there. I mean - right?”



Besides your own book, what other books, documentaries, films, or series you watched recently and like to recommend?

The True Cost – Important, game changing film about the impact of fashion on our world, by brilliant filmmaker and storyteller Andrew Morgan

Hallo witte mensen – Must-read book by Anousha Nzume about white privilege and modern day racism, a real eye-opener.

Demain (Tomorrow) – Uplifting film filled with positive pioneers and sustainable solutions.
The Cloudspotters’ Guide – Amazing book that makes you look very differently at your every day sky and fall in love with clouds.
Everything by Sunny Bergman: Beperkt Houdbaar, Sletvrees, Sunny Side of Sex, Zwart als roet, all so, so important.
The Beauty Myth – Because it’s still so important to be aware of the power of the beauty industry, and I so want to us to be free of those shackles. Naomi Wolf is such a hero. Oh, and Zondag met Lubach, the film Dancer, What the Health… can the incredible people who make all this be in my team too, please?”



What other tools can you recommend to our audience?

“Many people feel they can’t bike to work as it rains all the time. This fabulous Dutch guy felt that something wasn’t right, and eight years ago he started collected weather data of his daily commute to work. Turns out, it hardly ever rains. This also happens to be the name of his website (over 90% of the time it’s dry):


I love a paper agenda. I use as if it’s my diary. I like to collect them and look back at the things I got to experience. I keep track of what films I’ve seen, who I’ve spent time with, what events I went to. By now I have a large pile of different agendas from the past years, containing my personal history...

And last but not least – the Say It Backwards app. Because we need more laughter in our lives, and this does the trick, every time.”


Can you give our audience 4 tips they can easily implement to live a more sustainable life?

  1. When you for instance buy a carton of milk, choose the one in front that’s closest to its expiration date. You normally finish it within a few days anyway. A third of all the food we produce in the world we waste, and the supermarket will have to trash this too if you don’t pick it. You get the same value as when you’d choose the one that lasts for weeks, and on top of that contribute a huge amount to prevent food waste. Hero!
  2. When it seems your shampoo, toothpaste, or crème is finished, take a pair of scissors, and cut it in half. You’ll be amazing of the amount of product that is still stuck to the sides, it will last you for days still.
  3. As a general rule, go for quality over quantity – always the best in food, clothes, travel and even relationships.
  4. For me sustainability is about the people (and animals) as much as the planet, and about humaneness in general. Treat strangers to a smile when you can, be loyal to your friends, give people a compliment once in a while. Turn off that lamp on someone’s bike, offer someone with a flat tire mental support, assist an old man hoisting groceries up the stairs. Doesn’t it feel much better to help someone out than to purchase your fifteenth bag?”


For everyone who has not purchased Marieke’s latest book yet, you can do so at De Nieuwe BoekhandelGeitenwollenwinkelLinnaeus BoekhandelSukhaHet Faire OostenBeter & Leuk&kleveringNukuhiva, Bol.comBrunaAKO and many more.

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram to know what she’s up to and have a look at Marieke's website here.


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