London to Greece & everything in between

London to Greece & everything in between

December 13, 2016


Can you tell us who you are and what you do for a living?  
I am Petros, a Greek who loves the sun, currently in moody London, travelling during the weekends in lovely Cornwall to get the surf with my camper van which fits myself, my doggy Melo and my girlfriend Netta.

I used to be in action sports marketing, doing the marketing for brands like Sanuk EMEA and O’Neill UK after struggling a lot to get into it as not the easiest thing for a Greek who is competing to other marketeers from places like France, the UK etc. I am out of it for now. When I will return to the industry I want to try to implement projects which will improve the market and the education of the community. I am actually really interested on the action sports community education aspect specifically for younger ages while also offering experiences.

Currently, I am helping on the development of a start-up which offers light adventure travels. Our values are all about learning, bonding and taking you out of your comfort zone while immersing into the local culture like every travel should be. We work with universities on a different approach to studying abroad and we are also testing niche products around wellness and sports.
If you like sailing, summer discoveries and salty water, check us out. I'd be happy to tell you more about it @boulderbloom and @getlost_in_greece
Also if you are a community leader in wellness and you want to engage your fans with real experiences while travelling let us know!


Why do you support The Bamboo Brush Society?
Initially the BBS caught my attention after seeing a post on fb. Then I realised that this good designed accessory is a start up from a friend who we used to work together at O’neill. Then I wanted to find out more and I visited the website where I got quite blown out after reading values that I relate strongly as well.
I mean yeah, it’s a toothbrush but what it really stands for is a big middle finger to the P&Gs and the Colgates out there who have made plastic something logical to use. Well, it’s as mad as the new president of the US is but through media, lobbying and our busy calendars it just becomes logical!
The bamboo toothbrush comes from natural products and that’s something that needs no marketing. You either get it or not. I support the Bamboo brush society as it’s a start up of a friend, a friend with good values, good aesthetics and a good logical message to pass on!


What do you think of the Bamboo toothbrush?

Ha, that’s a rather funny one. So, do you ever get this weird trembling, starting from your back, peeling like a wave all the way to your face and then making you jump when you are eating a wet peach? Well you might also get it if you've eaten from an organic deli take away which gives you bamboo cutlery. Ok, cutting the long story short, first impression was NO good. I mean how could I torture myself twice a day with that. Finally it seems that my body accepted it after a couple of days and gave the finger to the plastic Colgates for good.
Bottom line, I'm on a subscription for the couples pack and our smiles our proud! Hopefully they will start making packs for couples with dogs as well.


What is the best spot you have brushed your teeth? 
Check this video, I think it speaks for itself..

The Bamboo Brush Society x Boulder Bloom from The Bamboo Brush Society on Vimeo.



You travel a lot what essentials do you always bring? 
Melo the dog
My duds Pentax
Bag of sandwiches and nibbles from home for the first leg of the journey, Frisbee,
Lethearman (to feel like a man),
Gaffer & cable tyres( I believe with these two I could conquer the world) and my little manly bag with my toothbrush and deodorant or else I smell bad to my dog and he wont sleep next to me.

What's your best travel story?

Wow, I am either getting older or I just have too many stories to choose from. Lost in the mountains, stolen boards in the canary islands, involved in a religious project in Jordan (no I am not religious that’s why it’s a good travel story..), oh OK, I got it…
So, about 6 years ago after a month in Les2Alpes with friends during the summer at the glacier snowboarding, we are about to head off, taking the ferry from Ancona back home to Greece. It’s a six hour journey and we are set to leave 5 hours earlier than needed as next day the Tour De France would start and we were warned about traffic.
All is going good, crew is in the car on time, all the wet smelly socks loaded to be either washed back home or burnt in the fireplace for warmth and we are on our way to the port with tones of time ahead.
The drive is nice, the weather nicer but don’t forget, it’s the Italian highway.. So, a lorry apparently has been in an accident where it flipped over and completely broke the asphalt causing all the traffic to be diverted through the little villages.
5 hours delay exactly the perfect timing just to have a photo of my friend John touching the boat which was just leaving the dock, literally touching it.
Anger first, laughs after, more anger, new tickets for tomorrow and the search for the cheapest hostel in town.
We find the hostel, I liaise in perfect “Greetalian”  and we are given a whole room just for the 4 of us.
It’s 3 am, everyone is normally snoring as loud we can, dreams of double tail grabs cork 10s are being landed perfectly until someone knocks the door and shouts in TurkbangladeshmaraceshIndian even louder than Johns snoring. He carries on, now kicking the door, being more and more louder and us from the inside being too scared to let him in.
I decide to open the door, he decides to brake it, we meet somewhere in the middle and all of my friends ready to jump on him, standing on their beds with their fine elephant patterned underwear witness the most pitiful effort for empathy, or to put it a bit better, mercy from myself towards the angry guy who just wanted to sleep in his bed who had actually booked it just before I liaise perfectly in my dialogue with the Italian granny at the reception.


What is the last film you watched?
Hypernormalisation, Adam Curtis at his best. I watched it right before the elections in the US. Great timing, amazing narrative of our reality from this excellent reporter.

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If you can go on a trip tomorrow to any place in the world, where would you go? 

In MexicoNamibiaNewZealandGreeceSydneyFinland. It’s super beautiful there. Have you ever been?


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