Interview with former Pro Surfer Jarrad Howse

Interview with former Pro Surfer Jarrad Howse

August 11, 2017

Super stoked to have former pro surfer Jarrad Howse joined the society and answered a few of our questions. Learn what Jarrad has been up to after his professional surf career and who he would pick in his team of 4 to take care of our planet.

Can you give us a quick intro about yourselves?

I was lucky enough to grow up opposite the beach in Australia to parents that surfed. #winning The ocean quickly became my life, & my passion for surfing consumed me. I had 1 goal in life; become a pro surfer. I spent my early 20’s chasing the WQS until i achieved my dream & qualified for the WSL WT in 2006. After retiring from competition in 2009 i have coached the world’s best surfers including; Julian Wilson, Jordy Smith & Mick Fanning. These days i’m in Marketing for a health food company Blue Dinosaur & have started an online wetsuit company; NCHE Surf.

When did you hear about The Bamboo Brush Society?

Through a friend, surf FIlm-Maker Jacob Wooden. I was blown away that i hadn’t thought about the waste involved with a discarded toothbrush. My partner and I recycle everything at home in Sydney, don’t use plastic bags & compost our vegetable scraps, having a bamboo toothbrush helps us further reduce our footprint on this planet.

What do you think of the Bamboo toothbrush?

It works just like the plastic one’s, my teeth are clean & i smile every time i use it knowing i’m doing a little more for the environment. It’s a good way to start & finish the day, with clean fangs & grateful that you’re having less impact on the world.

You travel a lot around the world, what is the best spot you have brushed your teeth yet?

Hawaii or Tahiti would top the list of the tropical climates, New Zealand South Island is my favourite cold location. I’ve spent so much time exploring the coast, i’m looking forward to brushing my teeth in some different, more cultural locations.

You have started a new project NCHE Surf, can you tell us a little more about it?

NCHE is a collaboration of 3 friends who have grown up surfing & connected closely to the surf industry. After working with the world’s best as a coach & in team manager roles i saw a pattern with the relationship a surfer had with their wetsuit. They wanted something simple, durable, warm and flexible. At NCHE we use the best materials and manufacturing (made in the same factory as O’Neill, Rip Curl etc, minimal branding with a focus on online sales so we can keep the price down. Wetsuits are relatively cheap to make, but due to the wholesale strategy of the larger companies surfers are paying way too much. We’re here to offer an alternative.

If you would be in charge of taking care of our beloved planet tomorrow? Which 4 persons would you pick to help you lead? (can be anyone in the world)

Elon Musk. He is leading the charge with electric cars and renewables.
Mark Zukerberg. He is passionate about climate change & has the wealth & platforms to promote change.
Bill Gates. Similar to Mr FB, has the passion and financial backing to fast-track real change.
You. Me. We all need to do 5% more than we are currently doing.

What’s your best travel story?

Chasing the World Surfing tour took me out of Australia for 12 years, 250 days a year. I’ve always wanted to spend more time exploring Australia & have since had the chance. We are so luck here living in a very young country with amazing indigenous history and kilometers of untouched coastline. Camping trip to remote Australia are my favourite; uncrowded surf, campfires, fishing and starry nights.

Any books, documentaries, films or series you lately watched and like to recommend?

Doco. The Eagle Huntress
Book. Thanks For The Feedback
Series. Game Of Thrones.
Podcast. Hardcore History with Dan Carlin

Share your best photo on your phone ! Make us laugh

Jarrad Howse iPhone

Last question… What is the number one place you like to go travel to?

Bawley Point, South Coast NSW. Far enough away from Sydney to feel like you are on holiday & close enough to go for the weekend!

- end

Check out NCHE surf wetsuits right here. You can follow Jarrad here on Instagram


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