Interview with the  Mountain guide of Chamonix: Julien

Interview with the Mountain guide of Chamonix: Julien "Pica" Herry

October 12, 2017

We got to meet Julien "Pica" Herry on a splitboarding trip in Pica's hometown Chamonix. Pica is one of the best mountain guides and we are very honoured Pica joined our society and took the time for this interview.

Can you give us a quick intro about yourselves?

I am a mountain lover living in Chamonix... Father of 2 kids and mountain guide, I spent most of my life climbing mountains... Snowboarding became my main passion and i now spend my winters chasing good snow conditions and guiding.

When did you hear about The Bamboo Brush Society?

Not long ago...  Good to see some people looking after our planet...


Shot by Hensli Sage


What do you think of the Bamboo toothbrush?

I like the shape and bamboo style, and it works really well...

You have travelled a lot around the world, what is the best spot you have brushed your teeth yet?

Best spot might be on a lost base camp in Pakistan, with the sunset...

Shot by Davide Capozzi
Shot by Davide Capozzi


What projects are you working on and are you most excited about?

A life project is to be able to ride any terrain as well on goofy and regular stance... A closer project but still not official is to go back riding in Karakoram mountains in Pakistan.

And soon in November my film project: Waking Dream, will launch. Here you can see the teaser already. This new movie I created together with Freeskier Sam Favret, we will bring you in the heart of steep riding. Impressive, Exposed, Technical, are we really here right now ? Or is it just a dream. Watch and find the answer.




If you would be in charge of taking care of our beloved planet tomorrow? Which 4 persons would you pick to help you lead? (can be anyone in the world)

  • Dalai lama
  • Jack Johnson
  • Jeremy Jones
  • Anyone from a poor country
Hensli Sage

Shot by Hensli Sage


Tell us your best travel story?

Being stuck in a dirty Pakistani village for 24h, knowing there was a crazy guy out there chopping heads off.

Any books, documentaries, films or series you lately watched and like to recommend?

"Marco étoile filante"  a great documentary about Marco Siffredi

Share your best photo on your phone ! Make us laugh

Pica trying to fly... And learning to crash...
Pica trying to fly... And learning to crash...


Last question… What is the number one place you like to go travel to?

Karimabad  in the Hunzas valley in Pakistan.



Make sure you follow Pica on Instagram and if you planning to visit Chamonix hit Pica up for an amazing backcountry experience right here.

Shot by Davide Capozzi
Shot by Damien Deschamps



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