Interview with Surf filmmaker Jacob Wooden AKA

Interview with Surf filmmaker Jacob Wooden AKA "Woody"

November 03, 2016

Can you tell us who you are and what you do for a living?

My friends mostly call me Woody, it comes from my last name Wooden and if you call me Jacob I may not even respond. I'm fortunate enough to travel for work, filming and editing a very talented group of friends competing on the world surfing stage.

Why do you support The Bamboo Brush Society?

I'll be open to support anything for the environment and support a good cause. Being surfers we are embraced by the oceans and coastlines, it's only fare that we make an effort to give back.

What do you think of the Bamboo toothbrush?

It's sick.

What is the best spot you have brushed your teeth?

Haha funny question! I would have to be whilst camping for sure. You can feel a little dirty after a few days camping but after scrubbing the fangs and a surf your feeling pretty good! I was just at Big Sur, California some good spots to brush em there.

Sage Erickson
Sage Erickson in control of the epic red.

You travel a lot what essentials do you always bring?

I recently got the fins of my surfboard to the back of my head so now I am equipt with a good first aid kit. I also have my essentials such as passport, laptop, cameras, skipping rope (doesn't get used much) surfboard! Haha can't forget that!

What’s your best travel story?

There's a story in every trip really! But I just wrote down a story of me and Josh Kerr in South Africa at the World Surf Tour where Kerr had a great run and made it to the quarter final against 11 times world champion Kelly Slater only we had 6 long waiting days as the swell wasn't coming through.

Lord Kerr Of Jeffries.

The six days leading up to the quarter final heat we would make jokes about confronting Slater and telling him we can help him pack his boards for him cause were sending him home and staying until the end! Soon enough we were back on program of the odd yoga session, early dinners, 8pm bed times and pre-dawn surf checks. Soon enough we were tucking ourselves into the sack with the theory of waking up at 4.30 AM drinking coffee and getting the body moving, tricking Josh's body into thinking that the 1st heat of the day was actually a midday heat and that it was ready. By the time we got down there and gave the green light on the finals day of competition I was 2 cortados (Double shot coffee with splash of milk) and a beroca deep and had consumed some avocado on toast contemplating trying to perform a standing backflip.

We wonder up the beach ready for battle a good 20 mins before the heat. “we’re not going home” , Smoke blow etc. Slater was nowhere to be seen as Josh sneaks a few clean waves in before the heat and get a good idea of the ocean, his body and the board under his feet on yet another brisk morning with of shores winds and small, inconsistent sets that you can’t miss.

2 minutes to the start of the heat and Kerr stops paddling for waves and posts up in what we deemed 'the spot' as Kelly runs down the walk way in what most surfing professionals would call late to the heat any who the contest wasn't waiting. He paddles out the key hole with no time to spare as the hooter sounds. Josh lucks into a rock hugger of a 6-point ride straight of the bat showing his presence to the king that were

ready to send him home.
Long story short Kerr got that great start, Kelly looked a little antsy. Kerr used his confidence rail game without having to go to the air and slater was looking antsy even trying to go to the air unsuccessfully. Does it sounds like we got the job done? We did!

Josh KerrJosh Kerr at J-Bay Open, South Africa

That’s as far as we made it in this story. Not even an hour later we were back out there against John John Florence who stuck a great air we needed him to fall on in the dyeing seconds to send us packing. Although we didn't go the whole way Josh was happy he turned his year around and found a great deal of confidence in his surfing. I am on my way to Tahiti and we got to watch our good friend Mick Fanning seal the end to a fairytale.

What is the last film you watched?

I just finished watching Narcos. It has to be one of my favourite series yet!

Share your best photo on your phone ! Make us laugh

I am currently driving from France down to Portugal and it might not be the funniest photo on my phone but it's my good friend Josh Kerr, mouth open, catching up on some sleep. He made a quick recovery from terrible co piolate and has now taken the reins.

Josh Kerr
Josh Kerr taking a nap.

How do you get inspired ?

Travelling to new places inspires me the most. If you find me wide eyed with a camera in my hand I'm in happy place.

A video by Woody with his mate Josh Kerr

When did you realise surfing would dominate your life ?

I actually didn't realise it was so addictive! I worked for world renowned surf film maker, Jack Mccoy on the film "A Deeper Shade Of blue" in the early days after school and got a taste of living a life on the road based around surfing. I am still hooked.

If you can go on a trip tomorrow to any place in the world, where would you go?

Check the swell forecast and make a decision from there! Haha actually I have a good friend life coaching a small group of people in the mountains of Nepal right now. I was supposed to go on that trip but was busy here in Europe.

Make sure to follow Woody's adventures on Instagram @woodrowmedia 

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