Christian Mcleod - Photographer, Growth Hacker and Global Citizen.

Christian Mcleod - Photographer, Growth Hacker and Global Citizen.

December 07, 2016


Can you tell us who you are and what you do for a living?

I AM me. :) My name is Christian McLeod, and I love to help, and create. I work as a photographer and growth hacker, which essentially means I get to take photos and come up with cool ways to grow businesses most of the time. 


Why do you support The Bamboo Brush Society?

Because it makes sense… right? Why wouldn’t you have a NON PLASTIC toothbrush…. It’s so smart having it from a sustainable source that’s also recyclable. Duh… I thought you’d know this by now… 


What do you think of the Bamboo toothbrush?

It’s soft and gentle. That sounds like a weird way to describe the toothbrush, but it’s honest. It’s nice to hold, it’s soft if it hits your teeth and it doesn’t feel like a cold foreign object. Man that was hard to stay away from oral sex puns…. 

Ian time travelling 


What is the best spot you have brushed your teeth?

Wow… good question. Definitely in the middle of nowhere in Iceland during a 4 day hike around volcanic desert and mountains, or perhaps in Milford Sound in New Zealand where shear fjord land cliffs meet an ocean inlet. Both were spectacular places to shine my choppers. 


You travel a lot what essentials do you always bring? 

Nail clippers, Cologne, toothbrush, mini aloe toothpaste, and obviously my work equipment and clothing. But aside from that the essentials are minimal as is everything else. 


What’s your best travel story?

The best story has yet to come. That’s how I always view it. There are many memorable points I’ve had, and I look forward to seeing what manifests into my life. 

But that one time at band camp…. 


What is the last film you watched?

Three Documentaries. All of which, I’d highly recommend you all watch, full movie links below. 

Zeitgeist, Billions in Change, and Before The Flood


Share your best photo on your phone ! Make us laugh

haha… oh man… I hope you get lots of site visits and change the world, but i hope somehow no one sees this… 

Thailand sunburn


How do you get inspired ?

By being aware. That’s the key to whatever you enjoy doing. Be aware of you, and clear your mind. That was your brain can be used for creativity and not asking itself a hundred questions a minute about trivial things in the future and past. Be present and aware. Let your body run on autopilot and let your brain be creative. Never stop learning. 

If you can go on a trip tomorrow to any place in the world, where would you go?

Probably somewhere in Asia. So much of Asia I have never experienced. Nowhere in particular. Maybe I’ll spin the globe and just point, Asia’s massive, so I’m certain I’ll hit something in there. 

Follow Christian on Instagram @christianmcld or visit his website for more awesome photography here.






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