5 tips you could start today by reducing your own plastic footprint

5 tips you could start today by reducing your own plastic footprint

July 30, 2016

The BBS was founded to build a society of optimistic people. People who share similar values and interests, and who want to inspire each other to use alternatives for the damaging plastic products of large corporations. Because every little bit helps, we’re offering you 5 tips on how to quickly achieve a less plastic-dominated life. 


  1. Ditch that plastic bag. 

We use over 1 trillion plastic bags a year. Say what? Yes… That is both insane and highly unnecessary. Plus, a plastic bag adds about as much class to your personality as Donald Trump’s speech writer brings to election night. Pick up a nice reusable linen or cotton bag and look good while shopping!  


  1. Say no to straws

About 500 million of ‘m, per day, in the USA only. That’s 1.6 a day per average American. Are you a sucker for straws? Try to drink your Bacardi and Coke or G&T from the glass, it even tastes better! If you’re really hooked, you might want to switch to reusable bamboo, wooden, or glass straws like the ones from Strawesome.


  1. Plastic water bottles

These numbers are of an almost incomprehensibly abstract order. 40 trillion plastic water bottles get chucked out every single year!! This harms the environment in a severe way. Our palls at Mizu made these attractive little reusable water bottles. Check them out right here


  1. Fruit juice

We all love a healthy dose of fruit juice, but all too often these juices come in a plastic container. Why not make juice yourself? It’s easy, fresh, and you can put it in a glass.


  1. Packaging

Lot’s of food products in the supermarket come in ridiculous plastic packaging. Most of these items can also be bought at markets or at a supermarket that lets you bring your own containers. Usually these alternatives taste a lot better!




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