• Available 2 sizes kids & adult (selection next step)
  • Kids bristles ultrasoft
  • Adult bristles soft-medium
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Cancel or change anytime (no contracts)
  • 96% biodegradable

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Receive 15% off

Society members receive a 15% discount on their membership

Make it work for you

Change or cancel your plan anytime by 1 simple email. No hard feelings. 

Keep it fresh

Half of all brushers use their toothbrush for longer than the recommended 3 months by dentists. With our service you keep it fresh.


If you’d rather order as-needed, no problem. You can order one or multiple.


Questions and answers

Where do you ship?
Can I cancel anytime?
What are the costs?
How does it work?
Can I receive more than one brush?

What the critics say

“If you would see the amount of plastic I need to throw away for each patient… It’s ridiculous. The less plastic the better, so I love the biodegradable handle on your brush. I like it so much, I use it every day.”

Paul Govers

Dentist, Amsterdam

"I love using my bamboo brush and the subscription is great I don't have to think about when to change.  Highly recommend! Also it reminds me daily that we should be conscious of how we treat our environment."

Maroeska Wijsbeek

School of house - Office / sales manager

"It’s soft and gentle. That sounds like a weird way to describe the toothbrush, but it’s honest. It’s nice to hold, it’s soft if it hits your teeth and it doesn’t feel like a cold foreign object. Man that was hard to stay away from oral sex puns…."

Christian Mcleod

Founder of We are Hansel

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