Half of all brushers use a toothbrush longer than three months. However, after 3 months your toothbrush slowly becomes a local hangout for germs and other organisms you really don’t want to get intimate with twice a day. Tell us when your brush is in the autumn of it’s life and we’ll send you a new one.

Come along on this quest for a plastic-free world! 


Society rules

No fees, no commitments, cancel anytime you want.


Steps to join

  1. Choose the number of brushes you like to receive and select the product that has the subscription button.

  2. Choose the frequency. Dentists advices to change your toothbrush at the latest every 3 months. But this is personal. 

    You are most likely convinced by now so what are you waiting for hit the JOIN button below.  


     Photo by TBBS ambassador Jelle Mul on a trip to Iran.